How Much Are Diapers?

The Cost of diapers varies greatly depending on many factors; such as brand, number of diapers in a package, and the type of the diaper; whether it is cloth or disposable. There are many brands of diapers that you can choose from. Each baby is different with its diaper needs, thus, the one that works for others may not work for you.

How much is it?

• According to, for the first year of your baby, disposable diapers cost you $72 per month, while a cloth diaper service costs $76 and cloth diapers that you wash yourself cost $19 per month. sells disposable pampers and huggies diapers beginning from $14 to $60 depending on the type and the number of diapers in a package. sells Luvs diapers for $36 average.

• An economy size diaper contains around 200 to 280 diapers and costs $45-$50 on average.

• White Cloud diapers are the best choice for low cost or store brand. They are available at Walmart and cost you around $7 per package.

What should be included?

• There are different sizes of diapers depending the weight of your baby, from new born up to three years of age.

• The number of diapers in a package varies greatly. The range begins from 20 to 280. Most packages contain 100 to 180 diapers.

• The softness and thicknesses of the diapers also vary depending on the brand. Pampers and Huggies are far thicker than any other brands.


Extra Costs May Include

• Wipes are needed almost half of the time when you change diapers. The cost of wipes can start at $5.

• You need special trash for disposing the diapers. A Diaper Genie may cost you $40 on average.

• If you are moving your baby, a diaper bag is necessary. That costs you between $20 to $60.

How To Save Money

• Almost all diaper brands offer periodic coupons. Pampers and Huggies are the most expensive and quality brands, at about $10 per small package. However, they offer periodic coupons that save you a significant amount of money.

• According to customer reviews, white cloud diapers are among the cheapest brands which perform very well in many conditions.

• Look for Diaper coupons online since they are relatively easy to find. Begin your hunt with Coupon Forum

• Cloth diapers are far cheaper than the disposable ones if you can access a diaper service in your town.

• You can save around $200 a year by using Store brands over premium named brands.

• Buying in bulk helps you great for saving money.

• Join Amazon Mom for discounts on diapers and other family essentials.

Some Tips To Know

• Every child reacts differently to different types of diapers. Therefore, try different brands of diapers in order to see which one works best for you.

• Boys and girls have different needs with diapers. Keep that in mind when trying different brands.

• Even if you will be tempted to save few dollars buying cheaper brands, however, you will soon find out that they can leak and cause problems.

• Diaper sizes differ from one brand to the other. Check on the packages for the weights they recommend.

• Don’t buy too many diapers before you bring the baby home as they could be wrong sizes. In addition, new born babies grow very fast and you will end up with lots of small diapers.

• Budget for an average of 5 diapers a day for your baby’s first year and 3 to 4 diapers a day from 2 to 3 years.

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