How Much Does A Car Paint Job Cost?

Depending on the type of the car and the extra body works needed, car paint job can cost a range of prices.

How Much Does It Cost?

At very cheap places like MAACO, painting a car costs between $250 to $400. On average MAACO charges you 33% less than other dealerships and shops.
You may be asked to pay $1,000 to $2,000 depending on the type of your car and the paint job complexity at the Middle of the Road shops.
If changing and rebuilding some body parts involved, you may be asked to pay $4,000 to $8,000 in custom body shops.

Some Additional Costs include;

If you want to make upgrades to a better quality of paint, you should except to pay a bit extra.
If your car needs some repairs or repaints, the additional cost can be $200 to $500
If you want to save money
You may get discounts of few hundred dollars if you remove or mask the body part that doesn’t require painting.
Look for discounts and Coupons. Shop around and compare prices to get best deals. Register with MAACO for receiving email offers and coupons.
You can do your car paint by yourself if you have a compressor. However, you may not get quality paint as the professionals do it.
How Much Does A Car Paint Job Cost

Where To Shop

You can look for local car painters around your area from Yahoo Local
If you want to paint your car by yourself or want to buy the equipments for painting compare prices and get best deals from Google Shopping Search Engine.

Tips and Advices

Get an estimate cost before you begin the process.
Ask if there is warranty
Tour the facility before making a decision with a dealer or shop
Ask if you can see another car being painted. Watch how they mask it and if mouldings and trim are removed.
Ask also if they can show you previous work so that you can check the quality of work. Watch carefully for drip marks, overspray and scratches.
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