How Much Does An Oil Change Cost?

The motor oil of a car needs to be changed in a certain time interval set by the manufacturer. An oil change is important in order to keep the motor clean, avoid damage and maximize its performance. Unable to change motor oil may result in serious engine damage and breakdown to the worst. Manufactures recommend the best oil for your car and it is strongly advisable that you choose the type of motor oil they recommend.

On most cars, motor oil should be changed in three months/3,000 miles. However, some new cars need an oil change after 7,000 miles. If you want to know how often you should change your motor oil, here is a list of recommended oil change intervals for selected vehicles. In some advanced vehicles of Audi, BMW, Ford and Chrysler, there is an alarm system that notifies the driver when an oil change is necessary.

How Much Is The Cost?

A professional oil change typically costs $20-$40. If you want to do it yourself, you can do it between $10 to $20.

Independent shops and retail chains are less expensive than dealerships. changes motor oils beginning from $29 while charges beginning from $39.

If you want to use synthetic oil for an oil change, it typically costs you $45 – $70 or more. Synthetic oil is used for high-performance engines. Synthetic oil change last longer than the regular oil change.

How Much Does An Oil Change Cost

What Is Included?

The costs of labor, oil, shop supplies, oil filter, disposing of the used oil and O-rings or seals are included in the service.
Labor makes $10-$15 of the cost, the rest being for purchase of the oil, supplies and tax.

Extra Costs May Include

You may incur extra costs during an oil change. Some manufactures recommend a tire rotation during an oil change. That may cost $15-$35.

How To Save Money?

Look for coupons for oil change provided by some shops and dealerships. Firestone Complete Auto Care offers a $10 off coupon and regular discounts for registered customers.

Where to shop?

You can find mechanics in your local auto care shops that can change your car oil. Besides, you can do it all by yourself with some technical practice. Here are some trusted shops which can do an oil change.

Fire Stone Complete Auto care can change your motor oil at discount price. They have been in business since 1926 and one of the experienced Auto cares available in the nation. They also have great offers and rebates to save money.

Midas is another company who does your oil change. It is located in East Washington and Wisconsin. They also offer coupons if you want to save money.

Capital Honda is available in many cities and countries.

The National Institute For Automotive Service Excellence has a directory of certified shops in your area that can do an oil change for you. Look for in their directory for the best auto care company in your area.

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