How Much Does It Cost To Rebuild an Engine?

You may need to rebuild your engine for several reasons; if the engine is worn, dirty oil has destroyed the bearings through time or the engine being over-revved. In order to rebuild the engine of your car, the mechanic first removes the motor, disassembles it, cleans its parts and then finally rebuilds the motor with the same pistons and rods using new bearings and rings. Rebuilding an engine is generally expensive and costs you a couple of thousands of dollars. The cost varies depends on the type of vehicle and the rate of the mechanic rebuilding the engine.

How Much Does It Cost?

● A basic engine rebuild with no complications costs $1,200 to $2,000.

● If you have expensive cars like BMW, Ferrari or Porches, rebuilding an engine costs you from $10,000 to $20,000.

● According to, a rebuilt kit which includes bearings, rings, pistons, timing chain and gear set, valve seals, gaskets, oil pump, camshaft, lifters and other miscellaneous parts costs $450 to $3,000 depending on the vehicle.

What Should be Included?

● The engine of your car will first be removed and disassembled. Then, it will be cleaned and will be rebuilt with new bearings, rings, oil pumps, plug seals. Finally, it will be installed to your car.

● When using the service of a mechanic, the payment includes rebuilding the engine and all the necessary tools.

● Rebuilding an engine usually takes several days of work.

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Extra Costs May Include

● If your engine has several damaged parts, this could be an extra cost. The cost depends on the type of the spare parts needed.

How Can You Save Money?

● Rebuilding an engine saves you 20% to 50% compared to replacing the engine or buying a new car.

● If you have the technical knowledge, rebuilding your engine yourself saves you the money you spent for a mechanic.

● Buying a rebuilt engine also saves you money that you pay for your mechanic for removing, disassembling and rebuilding the engine.

● Buying spare parts in kits saves you money rather than buying them individually.

Some Tips To Know

● Check whether your engine is rebuild-able. Some engines just need to be replaced than rebuilt.

● Have the right tools that work with for your specific vehicle.

● Do a research and plan your budget carefully before beginning the job. Try to stick to your budget as much as possible.

● Prepare for the unexpected as some things might not go just as planned.

● Compare for prices and services before deciding on one.

Shops You may Want to Visit

● If you reside in Hawthorne, California, is your one stop source for all your engine rebuilding needs. is the largest and most complete engine remanufacturing and custom machine shop facilities in the Philadelphia area. is the he leading industry voice and technical resource for engine builders. You can learn the technical skills to build your engine if you want to do it yourself. is LA’s Best Shop for Rebuilt Remanufactured Engines is One of Phonex’s oldest engine remanufacture serving for over thirty years.

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2 Responses to “How Much Does It Cost To Rebuild an Engine?”

  1. It’s definitely not cheap to rebuild and engine, but it can be much cheaper than buying a whole new vehicle. My dad used to rebuild engines – he had a few practice engines, as he was teaching himself how to rebuild them. He ended up getting a few of them running but not without issues.

  2. I used to play around with rebuilding engines when I was a kid. These days? No thanks. I’ll move on to a better car. (:

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