How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Car?

If you are visiting big metropolitan cities like New York, renting a car might not be necessary as there are public transportation available abundantly. However, if you are visiting small towns, renting a car might be necessary. The cost of renting a car varies depending on the car type and the rental period.

How Much Is It?

The average cost for renting a car ranges from $40 to $200 per day depends on the type of the car.
You can rent a car on a monthly or weekly basis where you pay different prices depending on the state you are visiting. The average rental for a compact car is around $230 per week while full size SUV may cost you around $700 a week.
You can rent a car online from prices beginning from $46 a day. is also another big online car rental. Their price ranges from $700 to $2,500 per month depending on the car.

Tips When Renting A Car

Contact at least three car rentals and compare prices before you rent a car.
Give special consideration for the insurance options, coverage, and liabilities offered by the renting company.
Read the rental car agreement carefully and fully.
You must be above 25 years to rent a car in the US.
You need to have your driving license with you when you rent a car.
Usually, you are required to make deposit before checking out the car.

How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Car

How You Can Save From Car Rental?

Reserve your car online before you come to visit. Look for and compare for prices thoroughly from Internet as there are many car rentals available online toady.
Book your car as early as possible since many companies provide discounts for early reserves.
Avoid renting a car from Airports. Usually they are much more expensive than those in the city.
Check for discount deals and coupons from or fatwallet.comRead more on saving from your car rental on the following two articles;

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