How much is Equinox Membership

Equinox gyms offer a high-end experience through their state-of-the-art equipment and the superior space that feels on another level. It is one of the sought-after fitness spaces for the elite who are willing to pay the price for a world-class workout experience.

How much is Equinox Membership

The gym offers cutting-edge exercise technology, top-notch personal training services, and posh facilities. You can enjoy all these as they come with your Equinox membership which makes the pricing quite reasonable. If you are wondering how much you would have to pay to get a membership at Equinox, read on to find out!

Equinox Membership Cost

With an Equinox membership, you get to take advantage of the services at your convenience whenever and wherever you want. The membership integrates its on-site services with digital offerings so that you get a hassle-free fitness experience. Since Equinox has over 100 locations in and around the United States, the price may vary depending on where you are getting one.

The cost of Equinox membership varies and is based on several variables, including your location and the type of membership you choose. You may get a discounted price if any special offers are running when you submit your application. The joining price can be $0 if there is a promotion or up to $100 based on the club location. The monthly membership price ranges from $290 to $330 on average. The details of the various types of membership and their prices are discussed below.

Equinox Single Club Access Membership Price

This is the lowest and the cheaper membership plan at Equinox. You get access to group exercise courses and fitness center amenities. You can enjoy full access to all the equipment at the gym. You may also get personal training sessions at a discounted price. However, the membership is limited to only one club. You cannot use it for other centers. The cost of single club membership is $198 per month.

Equinox All United States Clubs Membership Price

All the advantages of a single club access membership are included with this level of membership. You also get additional benefits, including savings on purchases from the shop, access to member lounges and cafés, and access to other Equinox locations around the country. With All Clubs Access, you may work out at any Equinox club in the US, even on the go, for a $290 monthly cost.

Equinox All Clubs Access Membership Price

It is the top-level membership at Equinox which gives more exclusive options at the club. Members have full access to all Equinox locations around the world with no restriction dates on any day with this top-tier option. While traveling, you may work out at any Equinox club around the globe. The cost of Equinox All Clubs Access is $330.00 per month.

Equinox Club Membership Cancellation and Freezing Price

Ordinarily, the gym does not charge you anything if you wish to cancel the membership. To terminate your membership, you must submit your request 45 days in advance of the desired date. It usually takes at least 45 days to process a membership cancellation request from Equinox.

If you want to take a break from the gym, you may freeze your membership. Each Equinox site may have a different set of amenities and services. In exchange for a monthly subscription, you are permitted to freeze your membership once every contractual year for a minimum of 1 month and a maximum of 3 months in a row. Each club has a different monthly freeze charge, although it typically costs $50.

Monthly dues invoicing for members who seek a freeze during their first twelve-month commitment term will be postponed during the freeze. You will get an extension beyond the twelve months after the freeze. Equinox will charge the appropriate freeze fee at the beginning of your freeze. The expiration of the then-current membership year for fully paid memberships will be prolonged to take into account the freeze.

How To Get A Discount On Equinox Membership?

Equinox offers discounts through promotions and exclusive invites. You get to avail of these by signing up with the gym through their website. Whenever they roll out a promotional activity or exclusive discounts, you get a direct message on your registered phone number or email.

If you are a new member, you may get additional perks. As a brand-new member, you will benefit from several benefits, such as a personal training session, a free fitness evaluation, a one-on-one Pilates session, and 15% off your first purchase at The Shop.

You may receive up to $300 back each year when you charge your Equinox membership to your American Express Platinum Card®. The always-on Equinox+ digital fitness app or any Equinox subscription are your options.

What is Included in an Equinox Club Membership?

What is Included in an Equinox Club Membership

Your club membership includes access to all the group classes offered at Equinox. Equinox provides a range of functional training tools, including TRX suspension training machines and kettlebells, in addition to conventional cardio and strength equipment.

Along with a wide selection of other classes, Equinox also provides yoga, Pilates, cycling, and strength training. There are distinct studios for various classes at several Equinox sites. These programs are taught by qualified and experienced instructors.

Equinox provides specialist programs like meditation-based sessions with guided meditation or endurance training in addition to typical group classes. Boxing and Kickboxing, Stretch and Recovery, Athletic Training, Barre, and Pool are some of the other classes offered at Equinox clubs. Programs for lifestyle, such as health and wellness classes, are also offered at some Equinox locations. These help members learn more about leading healthy lives.

Massages, Facials, and other spa services are among the wellness services that Equinox facilities may provide. After a strenuous workout or just for pure enjoyment, these treatments may be a great way to recover and unwind. For exercise or leisure, many Equinox sites also provide swimming pools and saunas.


The huge workout floors of Equinox, which are typically open around the clock, are famous for their top-of-the-line equipment. The prices mentioned here are on average and may vary depending on the location of your choice. You may contact the membership consultant by signing up on the official website of Equinox. It will also help you decide on the right membership plan that suits you best.

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