Firestone Oil Change Price

Firestone offers quick and affordable oil changes at various locations. The services are of superior quality and provide a lasting effect on your vehicles. The company makes sure a qualified mechanic changes the oil and oil filter, recycles them, and checks other parts of the automobile as a service.

Firestone Oil Change Price

A complimentary inspection of your complete vehicle will be performed by Firestone’s auto professionals to alert you to any issues that require your attention. With over 1600 stores across the states, the company has extensive experience in the field, which assures the quality of its services. The staff is well-trained to handle the modern equipment. Here is a detailed explanation of what an oil change at Firestone costs.

Firestone Oil Change Prices

At Firestone Complete Auto Care Centers, changing your oil is recommended for a variety of extra reasons. By ensuring the task is done correctly, you may prevent future issues and exorbitant repair costs. To keep your engine operating newer and longer between oil changes, mechanics perform a 19-point check of your car.

You also have choices at Firestone, ranging from basic to full-service. The price of oil changes for your vehicle depends on the oil you choose. Oil changes for modern vehicles may occasionally cost extra since they may need more labor. Here’s the list of oil changes offered at Firestone.

Diesel Oil Change Price

Firestone offers diesel oil and specialty oils at its locations. You can avail of the services by paying the price of $77. A diesel oil change may cost more than a conventional oil change since diesel fuel, and oil are more expensive than petroleum products.

Full-Synthetic Oil

Fully synthetic oil gives the best engine protection for the majority of automobiles. It is particularly significant for high-performance vehicles. The price you will have to pay for this oil change is $85.

Synthetic Blend Oil

This oil is a blend of synthetic base stocks and regular motor oils that provides more protection than regular oil. The cost of a synthetic blend oil change for your vehicle is $60.

What is Included in a Firestone Oil Change Price?

Firestone provides standard automobile services, including engine, brake, tire, and alignment repairs. They also offer routine maintenance, like buying and installing batteries, enhancing suspension and steering, and changing transmission fluids. These services will aid in resolving current problems with your automobile as well as assist in tuning it up to ensure optimal performance and long-term car health.

You may enhance the durability of your vehicle by giving it some grooming and pampering sessions at Firestone. The finest oil for your automobile will be recommended by auto professionals while changing your oil. They will refill your motor oil by up to five quarts. The outdated filter will be changed along with the oil. Your chosen oil change package includes the cost of the replacement filter.

By paying the Firestone oil change price, you get the following services in addition to the oil change for your vehicle.

  • Oil and oil filter changes and recycling are both performed. Instead of using it as fuel, it aids in reducing emissions of greenhouse gases and heavy metals. For the management of spent motor oil, it is a perfect solution.
  • They perform a check of the vehicle’s lights, battery life, and other components as part of a thorough courtesy inspection. This ensures these components of your vehicle are in good working condition.
  • Checking the cabin, air, and any other necessary filters in your automobile to ensure they are running at their best. It assists in defending the passengers from impurities in the air they breathe. An essential part of each car’s heating and cooling system is the air cabin filter.
  • The staff changes the window washer fluid and checks the levels of other crucial fluids in the vehicle. The washer fluid pump is kept lubricated by changing the fluids. The pump may rust, leak, or even cease to function entirely if it is not supplied with fluid.

What are the Different Types of Oils Offered at Firestone?

What are the Different Types of Oils Offered at Firestone

Firestone offers a variety of oils for your vehicle that enhances its durability and provides tough protection so you can add more mileage to it. Here’s a list of all the oils offered at Firestone.


It is best suitable for long-lasting wear protection. You may choose this oil as it can handle both lengthy excursions on the highway and short trips within the city to extend the life of your engine.


This oil is most suitable for cars with above 75,000 kilometers. You can pick this oil to reduce wasteful oil use and assist in stopping seal leakage.


If you want to increase your protection in dangerous driving circumstances, this oil is a perfect selection. With the aid of this synthetic blend’s Active Cleaning Technology, your engine may be cleaned of impurities.

Platinum-grade PENNZOIL®

You can select a complete synthetic oil for the best possible protection. You get a superior, cleaner oil with full engine protection thanks to its PurePlusTM Technology.

How to Get Firestone Oil Changes at a Cheaper Price?

Regularly, the business posts Firestone discounts on its website. These coupons give reductions on all of the well-known automotive services offered, and the appropriate coupons may frequently result in amazing savings. The most recent coupons are shown on a specific page on their website, but many are only valid for brief durations.

Firestone offers discounts for oil changes depending on the oil type and services you choose. You may get a discount anywhere between $10 and $70. These discounts are seasonal and may vary. The company may also offer certain services free of cost. These free services often include battery check-ups and brake inspections. You get the latest offers and discounts by signing up for the company e-mail subscription.

Winding Up

Your essential engine parts stay well protected and coated from excessive heat and friction with routine oil changes. Under the name Firestone Complete Vehicle Care, the tire manufacturer Firestone also runs a large number of auto servicing facilities.

In addition to selling and installing tires, they offer a variety of vehicle services. These include oil changes, battery repairs, and maintenance, as well as transmission, suspension, and braking work.

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