Great Clips Prices

With over 4,200 locations in and over the United States, Great Clips is one of the biggest hair salon franchises in the country. The company offers several services, including haircuts, trimming, and other hairstyling services. What’s more, it offers online check-ins that let you conveniently get a haircare service without the hassle of waiting long at the salon.

Great Clips Prices

Each salon in the United States that bears the Great Clips name is maintained by a franchisee. Going into one salon will therefore be like going into any other. Each one exudes a relaxed, cordial, low-key vibe. However, as there are multiple locations, learning the price may seem like a chore. So, here’s to help you with a price list that you can expect for the services.

Haircut Prices

Great Clips offers haircut services for adults, kids, and women. You may choose a haircut of your choice from a list of options at the salon or provide one that you prefer. The professional and highly trained staff will get you the desired look. The price for haircuts varies depending on your identity. However, it may range from anywhere between $15 and $19 or higher based on the location and additional taxes.

Haircuts for Adults Price

You may choose from a variety of haircut options for adults at Great Salon, as the stylists are trained to provide a wide range of styles. If you are unsure, they will also guide you to make the right choice. Depending on your facial features and structure, you can get the best suitable hairstyle that makes you look neat. The price for an adult haircut is $19 on average.

Haircuts for Kids Price

The kid-friendly staff at Great Clips ensures that their young customers feel comfortable during the entire service. The stylists can provide different haircut styles that are suitable for children. The salon offers hassle-free haircuts for kids aged 10 or below at an average price of $17.

Senior Haircuts Price

As seniors have a wide variety of textures and hair types, getting a haircut done by a professional is essential. Great Clips has great stylists who are skilled at handling different types of hair and making them look amazing. The price for senior haircuts is the same as kid’s haircuts which is $17 on average. The salon offers senior discounts, which you can avail of by consulting your stylist.

Hairstyling Services Prices

Whether it’s for a special occasion or an everyday office look, Great Clips can get the hairstyle you want at an affordable price. Professional stylists at the salon are trained to provide hairstyles for any event. It offers three types of hairstyling: regular style, long style, and formal style.

Regular Style Price

The cheapest of them is the regular style, priced at $25. For instance, if you get a regular style at Farmington, New Mexico, you will pay $20. You pay $15 for the same in Grand Forks, North Dakota. However, the price for the regular style at Fort Wright, Kentucky, is $25.

Long Style

You can get a long style for $55. The cost of a long-style service in Grand Forks, North Dakota, is $45. The same service costs $35 in South Euclid, Ohio. But you will have to pay $50 in Morgantown, West Virginia.

Formal Style

If you want to get a formal style, you will have to pay $65. The price for formal style in Morrisville, North Carolina, is $80, while that in Tarpon Springs, Florida, is $100. But you will pay $65 in Orange City, Florida. Some cities may even offer it for $50.

Hair Services Prices

Great Clips Prices: Hair Services

Great Clips offers several hair services for your convenience. You may add these services to haircuts and hairstyling or get them done individually as well. It is a great option if you are just looking for a touch-up and want to get a trim or a shampoo. The hair services offered at the salon include bang trims, beard trims, and neck trims.

Neck Trim Price

The neck trim price at Great Clips is $8 on average. It is $10 if you get it at Eagle River, Alaska. But you can get it for $5 in Louisiana. Getting the trim in Vienna, West Virginia, will cost you $8.

Bang Trim Price

A bang trim may cost you around $8, depending on where you live. You will pay $5 in Cheshire, Connecticut, but expect to pay $10 in Brownstown, Michigan. If you live in Mountain Iron, Minnesota, you will pay $7 for a bang trim.

Beard Trim Price

The average cost of a beard trim in Great Clips is $10. If you live in New Castle, Oklahoma, you will pay $8. However, if you are getting a beard trim in South Yarmouth, Massachusetts, it will cost you $10.


Getting shampoo can make you feel relaxed while getting cleaned. You can add it to any other service that you are getting at an additional price. If you are getting just the shampoo, you can expect to pay $6 on average. The price of a shampoo service in Morrisville, North Carolina, is $10.

How to Get Hair Services Faster At Great Clips?

As the salon offers online check-in, you may easily get them done at a reasonable price anywhere in the US. All you need to do is to download the official app of the salon. Whenever you need a service, you can check in via the app. It makes your job easier and cuts down on the time you have to wait at the salon.

You may also see the estimated wait times at all the salons nearby and choose a location of your choice. If you sign-up for their texting service, you will receive a message 15 minutes before your scheduled time at the salon. This way, you won’t have to wait at the salon for long hours for your turn.

Just show up right before your number comes up and get your hair services professionally done. However, you will have to book an appointment if you want to get a formal hairstyle or a perm. You may also receive promotional offers, personalized discounts, hairstyling suggestions, and haircare tips on the app.

Winding Up

Great Clips also offers coupons that you can avail of through various sources. Printed postcards, Facebook and Instagram advertisements broadcast television and radio, email, and app messaging are some places where you may come across discount coupons and codes. However, you must contact Great Clips to ensure it is valid for the current period and your specific location.

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