How much is a Haircut at Supercuts?

Supercuts provides consistent, high-quality haircuts at any time, with more than 2,200 walk-in locations around the nation. The salon provides Hot Towel Refresher® service as the perfect complement to every Supercut. You will feel refreshed and prepared to continue with your day thereafter.

How much is a Haircut at Supercuts

For you to always look your best, Supercuts offers a variety of hair services, including men’s haircuts, kids’ haircuts, women’s haircuts, and color treatments. However, the price for a haircut depends on the location of the Supercuts. Read on to learn how much you can expect for a haircut at Supercuts.

Supercuts Prices for Haircut

Supercuts Haircut Prices

Supercuts is an affordable option for haircuts which makes it a popular destination for a lot of customers across the United States. At Supercuts, haircuts for men, women, and kids are the most often requested services. Depending on the extras you choose at Supercuts, a haircut might cost anywhere from $14 to $44.

Your appointment will start with a consultation with one of their talented stylists to go over your needs. They will then offer the best men’s haircut or women’s hairstyle based on your face shape, needs, and tastes. The three types of haircuts offered at Supercuts, along with their price, are mentioned below.

Supercut I Price

It is the basic pack offered at Supercuts. You will depart with a clean, polished appearance thanks to the traditional Supercut, which also includes a Haircut and Hot Towel Refresher. The price for this service is $18 on average. Some locations offer it at $14, and others may charge more than $20.

Supercut II Price

Supercut II well-liked option, adds Shampoo and a Haircut. You will be prepared to start your day with the always-included Hot Towel Refresher. The average price for this haircut service is $23. While you may get a haircut for $20 in some cities, you may have to pay $24 in high-end locations.

Supercut III Price

You have a more thorough haircut experience with the Supercut III. It comes with a haircut, shampoo, hot towel refresher, and simple blow dry to finish your appearance. You could expect to pay $37 for this service on average. The cheapest location offers it at $30 and the most expensive one at $44.

Supercut Jr. Price

This package includes a Hot Towel Refresher and a Kids’ Haircut from one of their skilled stylists. The minimum age is usually 12 or younger; however, this might vary by locality. Kids can get their hair cut for $17 on average. However, some locations offer it for as cheap as $14. Others may charge up to $19.

Supercolor® Price at Supercuts

Supercolor® gives you a more refined look that works best as a makeover. The stylists collaborate with you to design a look that displays your unique style and provide helpful advice for keeping your appearance afresh. In addition to discussing the outcomes you hope to achieve, skilled stylists will evaluate your skin tone and hair health to provide you with the best coloring options.

Supercuts ensure that the hair color enhances your cut and draws attention to your greatest features, going beyond simply changing your hue. Below are the prices of the various Supercolor® services.

Tip Coloring Price

You can make your hair look more polished and neater by using this unique method. Only the hair ends receive any color application. You can choose something modest or eye-catching, depending on your preferences. This service can cost you anywhere between $25 and $45.

Glazing Price

For hair color that is deeper and has more dimension, the all-over color procedures are perfect. So that you may pick your degree of comfort and commitment to coloring your hair, the salon offers demi-, semi-, and permanent colors. The price for glazing depends on the location and your choice of color. However, it may cost $35 on average.

Grey Blending Price

If you want to conceal your greys, the salon offers the perfect service. To easily conceal the greys, you can use the Gray Blending service. Additionally, it fades and mixes in gently. Grey blending price depends on the amount of grey hair and can vary.

Highlights Price

Trying to update your appearance becomes easier with Supercuts. The use of highlights is a great choice. To get the outcomes you desire, the salon provides a range of highlighting techniques. The average price for getting highlights at Supercuts is $72, but it could be as low as $30 or as high as $115.

Price of Other Services at Supercuts

Apart from haircuts and hair coloring, the salon provides a range of methods and possibilities for your convenience. The prices of these services are detailed below.

Tea Tree Experience Price

In addition to a warm steamed cloth for your face, it is a revitalizing wash and conditioning treatment that also includes an energizing scalp massage. The cost for a tea tree experience is $10.

Beard Trim

Get a beard, neckline, or mustache trim at your neighborhood Supercuts to keep your beard appearing well-groomed. It is available only in specific locations, and you will have to contact the nearest one to learn more. The average price for a beard trim at Supercuts is $10.


For each event, these extra services may help you look your best. Curling, flat iron, blow-drying, and more treatments are available at Supercuts. This service is available in select cities only. The cost is determined by the length of your hair. However, you can expect to pay anywhere between $23 and $37.

How To Get A Discount At Supercuts?

Supercuts rolls out promotional coupons and discounts to special customers. You can sign up with your email to receive them in your inbox. The official app of Supercuts also lets you get in the know of any discounts. It can also help you find the nearest location of Supercuts and lets you book your preferred slots and stylists. They may also post promotional activities on their Social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram.

Wrapping Up

Supercuts offers superior-quality haircuts delivered by highly-trained stylists. They also sell high-quality haircare products at reasonable costs. Additionally, they provide a variety of procedures, including waxing and soothing tea tree scalp massages. Every Supercut is completed with a Hot Towel Refresher® to get rid of any remaining hairs on your face and neck, leaving you feeling clean, presentable, and prepared to resume your day.

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