How much does a horse cost?

Owning a Horse

Owning a horse is challenging yet rewarding. Like other pet animals, horses require care. They require more care than a cat, dog, or goldfish. In this article, we take a look at exactly how much does a horse cost when taking everything into account. Both financial and time commitments are important to own a horse. In many societies around the world, horses are a marvelous luxury and in some cultures, horses are worthy of Gods. The ability to ride them makes you feel like a royal.

A horse owner must be responsible, and knowledgeable, and have time in their schedule to take care of the daily chores and needs of the horse. Once all things are done properly, it is a fun and therapeutic experience to win a horse. It greatly improves your life. However, when you find out how much does a horse cost it, it may change your mind!

The average monthly cost of owning a horse in the US is $600 and this amount includes the cost of boarding fees, farrier visits, and feed costs. The annual average cost of maintaining a horse is $3900 which includes the overall cost of diet, bedding, grooming, and other necessary things.

Cost of Buying a Horse

It is wonderful to be the owner of a horse but it can be costly. If you are not ready to spend $3800 a year for 20+ years that horse ownership is not for you. Visiting the horses in other ways is way more affordable if you like horses much. The cost of a horse depends on a number of factors including breed, build, pedigree, and ability.

If you are planning to buy a selective breed horse with specific traits then it will cost higher because the traits are considered of greater value. The training horses that have special expertise also affect the price. Additionally, the availability of the horse market also affects the cost of demand and supply.

You can expect to buy a horse by paying somewhere between $1500 and $60,000 or more depending upon the age, geographical area, and level of training and skills.

If you are looking to buy a trail horse to ride occasionally then you can buy it at a lower range. And if you need to buy a seasoned horse to compete in variety shows then the cost will be significantly higher.

Cost of Owning a Horse

How Much Does A Horse Cost

With the purchasing of a horse as per your requirements, there are various ongoing expenses for owning a horse. The cost of keeping the horse at home or a boarding facility will vary depending upon the location. The bigger the budget, the more options you will have to spend. Besides the initial purchase of a horse, there are various costs for hay, feed, training, grooming, and veterinary examinations. Let us help you with the general idea of ongoing spending.


A large portion of the cost of owning a horse is dedicated to the necessary feed. Considering the age of the horse, they need to gain weight and need necessary minerals, vitamins, and supplements. A good quality food bag cost $40 per 50-pound bag and they need to eat 2.5 pounds of grain twice a day so you can expect 7 bags of grain per month and 84 bags per year. The feed and necessary supplements will cost around $2500 to $5000 a year and possibly more in some cases.

Horse Care

Horses need regular care and maintenance from a vet and farrier that include regular checkups, deworming, vaccinations, hoof trimming, shoe disease testing, and additional costs of caring. You can expect to spend $1500 to $5000 a year to keep your horse healthy. Only the teeth floating will be around $500 per visit. Trimming of hooves and foot disease is essential along with necessary vaccination.

Home Care or Commercial Boarding

If you are planning to board your horse at your property then it will cost you around $1200 to $7000 per year and if you want to board your horse in a commercial facility then it will cost you $2000 per month.

Basic Equipment, Training, & Insurance

The additional various expenses of the saddle, bridle, halter, bit, clothing, gear, grooming equipment, and other necessary things will cost up to $2000 to a new owner. You can expect the training cost to be $2400 per month depending upon the number and hours of lessons. Additionally, health insurance can also cost $400 to $3000 per annum.

How Horses Show Affection?

Often, horses are very friendly and curious however they are easily scared. So, it is important to understand their basic body language before approaching them. Just like a dog give you signals by wagging its tail or barking at you, horses also give subtle cues that you must understand. Horses are social and very affectionate animals and they communicate their sentiments through actions.

If your horse lets out a whine when they hear your voice or they trot over to you when they see you, it means they are excited to and eager to meet you and they like you. They feel relaxed when they are in the company of their favorite person. They will lower their head, droop their muzzle, eyes will appear soft and sleepy, and lie down on the ground in a relaxed posture – this will show that they are at ease and comfortable in your company.

Horses will lay their head on your shoulder when you are grooming them and will nudge you in the back in a way to reciprocate the affection you are showing them. And when they respect you, they will accept you as their leader and will follow all your commands. They will follow you around and blow air on your face to show you that they love you.

The love and affection that horse gives us are based on their trust in us. To earn that trust, we should spend more time with them including grooming, ground exercise, letting them graze in the grass, and riding time.

In Conclusion

Owning a good horse can cost you a lot depending upon their good manners training, special diet, grooming facilities, performance training, and living conditions. It is quite a luxury to keep and maintain a horse.

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