Labradorite Countertop Prices

Granite countertops made of labradorite feature crystal infusions that create areas of color and iridescence. These slabs may be used as tiling, a backsplash in the kitchen, or a sink material. Despite growing in prominence, labradorite is significantly harder to locate than regular granite. In addition, given the relative novelty of the labradorite counter industry, it’s challenging to locate prices for this type of product online.

However, it was one of the most expensive countertop materials on the market at the time, and the price would greatly vary based on the size of the slab, the colors you wanted, and the manufacturer. So, in this article, we will help you get a better idea of the labradorite countertop cost.

How Much Does The Labradorite Countertop Cost?

There may be a significant pricing difference between the majority of the dealers. Given that there are so many variables, including your home’s setup and the intricacy of the installation, it is difficult to estimate how much this countertop material may cost you. The price per square foot of labradorite countertop might range from $55 to more than $200, and this does not include installation.

You also need to consider the slab and availability nearby to determine the cost of the labradorite countertop. The polished natural product can run you anything from $350 to $750. If there is relatively little supply for this product compared to the demand, you can expect the price to increase dramatically.

However, some suppliers may offer you the product for as low as $20 to $40 per square foot of the material. Again, this will depend on the location of the manufacturer and the setup where you wish to get it installed.

Two of the popular labradorite counter include blue and green, which are among the most expensive in the group.

Blue Labradorite Countertop Cost

The blue labradorite countertop comes in a variety of options, including Labradorite Lemurian Blue Granite Slab and Lemurian Labradorite Madagascar Blue Granite. It is one of the pricier varieties of Labrador countertops, with prices ranging from $70 to $750 per square meter just for the material alone.

Green Labradorite Countertop Cost

Green labradorite may enhance the appearance of the countertop and add beauty to the surrounding area. The price for this variety may go up to $250 or more per square meter, depending on where you are getting it from, the installation requirements, and the availability.

What Makes Labradorite Countertop So Expensive?

Labradorite Countertop Cost

A feldspar mineral and semi-precious gemstone, labradorite is less prevalent as opposed to other popular granite countertop varieties. It is a specific variety of granite with crystal infusions, giving it a distinctive iridescent appearance. It is similar to granite and quartz, but labradorite is much more difficult to find. Since it is more difficult to locate, the price per square foot is higher.

The color variation also has a significant influence on its price. Depending on where the stone comes from and how the light strikes it, labradorite countertops may exhibit flashes of blue, gold, red, or green.

This stone is rarely discovered in a few countries and is becoming increasingly scarce. Labradorite stone was first discovered by miners in Labrador, Canada, which justifies its name. These days, it originates from countries including Norway, Finland, Australia, Ukraine, and some regions of the United States, such as Oregon.

Another reason for its high price is that the handling of this stone is very challenging. Only someone with years of experience who has worked with the stone for a long time can manufacture a high-quality slab. Its total cost is also affected by the cost of shipping to the particular region. All of these make using this material as your countertop rather pricey.

How to Make Your Labradorite Countertop Last Longer?

The labradorite countertop is pretty expensive, and it is not feasible to replace them frequently. To prevent hefty sums on repair, maintenance, and replacement, follow these simple steps to get the best out of your labradorite countertop and make it last longer.

Keep It Clean

It is simpler to clean the surface of the labradorite since it lacks pores. Water and pH-neutral soap can be used to get the desired results. Just use water, a basic detergent, and light cleaners like dish soap. Lemon and vinegar have the potential to reduce the brilliant shine of labradorite gemstones. Keep chlorine and ammonia away from your labradorite countertop when using strong chemicals.

Avoid Spilling

Despite being stain-resistant, labradorite may develop a small stain if red wine or beet juice is poured on it. You might need to call someone if you can’t get the stain out using the aforementioned method. Any spills should be cleaned up right away, especially those involving acidic substances like vinegar, wine, lemon juice, beet juice, and others.

Avoid Excessive Heat and Weight

Despite the durability of the labradorite, you should still use trivets to shield it from intense heat. The countertop may shatter if hot pots or plates are placed directly on it. In addition, if the countertop is put under too much weight, the countertop can break.

Winding Up

According to the Mohs scale, labradorite has a hardness of 6-6.5, making it resistant to chipping and scratches. Due to its non-porous nature, it is also stain- and odor-resistant, as well as simple to clean. To put it simply, this implies that labradorite is a fantastic countertop material. Granite countertops typically cost $50 per square foot on average. However, labradorite may cost up to $200 or more per square foot.

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