Massage Envy Prices

Getting a massage can relieve your knots and help you feel calm. However, the prices that come with a massage can be quite overwhelming if you wish to have a luxurious experience at top-notch spas and salons. For this reason, Massage Envy is a go-to option for many as it offers one of the most affordable spa experiences in the United States.

Massage Envy Prices

One of the businesses with the quickest rate of expansion in the US, Massage Envy, has more than 1200 locations. Their focus is on the value of therapeutic massage to one’s general welfare is what makes them stand apart from other spas and salons. With so many locations, it’s hard to find the right price for their services. Check out this article to learn the details of massage envy prices.

Massage Envy Services Prices

The price of Massage Envy services is quite affordable, ranging anywhere between $36 to $230. The spa chain offers membership programs that reduce the cost of massages and beauty treatments significantly. It should be expected that their costs fluctuate based on the region of their franchise and the membership programs.

Massage Envy Membership Price

With a monthly membership, you get one free massage for 1 hour or a skin facial for just $10. Along with these perks, you also get highly discounted facials, home-use products, and massages for the whole month.

Massage Envy Monthly Membership Price

If you don’t want to have a long-term commitment or just want to try their services, you can buy the monthly membership that can get you discounted massages, facials, and products for the entire month. You will have to renew the membership every month if you want to continue their services. The monthly membership cost of Massage Envy is $79.99 on average.

Massage Envy 6-Month Prepaid Membership

The 6-Month Prepaid Membership will give you access to the company’s services for half a year. The price of this membership program is around $420. Compared to the one-month program, this one can save you around $60.

Massage Envy 12-Month Prepaid Membership

If you frequent massage salons and facial spas, you can save plenty with a 12-month prepaid membership at Massage Envy. The price for this membership is $840 on average, which can save you close to $120.

Massage Envy Service Prices for Members

Massage Envy Service Prices for Members

If you buy any of the Massage Envy memberships, you get all their services at a discounted price. You may take advantage of several services like massages, body stretch, facials, chemical peel, and Microderm Infusion.

Wellness Massage Price

The wellness massage offered at the salon will help you relieve minor aches and pains. These customized massage sessions can cost you $70 on average for a 60-minute session which is the lowest tier. If you want to have a longer session, the spa offers a 90-minute massage for about $105 and a 120-minute massage for $130 on average. The price of a 90-minute hot stone Envy massage therapy is around $120 for members.

Body Stretch Price

The personalized stretch sessions offered at Massage Envy can make your body feel more flexible as they focus on the areas most relevant to your fitness needs. For a 30-minute body stretch, you will pay about $36, and if you want to make it 60 minutes, you can get it for around $60.

Facial Price

The expert facials at Massage Envy will give you more enhanced and better-looking skin. Several types of facials are available, including a 60-minute healthy skin facial for $60, a 90-minute advanced facial for $90, a 60-minute anti-acne back facial for $72, and a 60-minute exfoliating and hydrating back facial for $72 on average.

Other Services Prices

Massage Envy also offers Microderm Infusion and Chemical peel, which can give you radiant and youthful-looking skin. Both services are priced at an affordable rate of about $120 each. Any of the day spa add-ons, including hand or foot scrub therapy, aromatherapy, muscle therapy, or anti-aging eye treatment, can improve your massage or facial even more. Depending on where you live, most improvements cost between $10 and $15 apiece.

Massage Envy Service Prices for Non-Members

Even without the membership discount, Massage Envy provides state-of-the-art wellness strategies, wonderful skincare routines, and amazingly affordable rates.

Wellness Massage Price for Non-Members

For non-members, the wellness massage can cost around $120 for 60 minutes, $180 for 90 minutes, and $240 for 120 minutes. The price of a 90-minute hot stone envy massage therapy is $230 on average.

Total Body Stretch Price for Non-Members

The total body stretch can make you bendier and help you with your everyday activities. You can get a 30-minute total body stretch for $60 on average. You can make it 60 minutes for an additional $60 at $120 on average.

Facial for Non-Members

A 60-minute healthy skin facial for non-members can cost around $120. The price of an advanced facial for 90 minutes is $180 on average, and that for a 60-minute Anti-Acne Back Facial is about $132.

Other Services Price for Non-Members

Beautification services that enhance the quality of your skin, like Microderm infusion and chemical peel, cost around $180 each for non-members at Massage Envy. You can have add-ons like enhanced muscle therapy, exfoliating hand or foot treatment, and anti-aging eye treatment for $10 to $15 with your 60 or 90-minute massage sessions to make the most out of them. Massage Envy also offers a range of curated home skincare products at a reasonable price.

How to Save on Massage Envy Services?

Apart from the membership programs that save you plenty on their services, Massage Envy also has promotional activities. You can receive a free 1-hour massage treatment through a referral program if you sign up a friend. Additionally, as a welcoming present, new members receive a complimentary 1-hour massage.

Moreover, there are discounts available for various goods and services. Depending on the campaign, you may be able to acquire particular services and goods at significant discounts. These coupons may have a shorter expiration date than those from other businesses, though. They usually only apply to places that are part of a certain region or area.

Winding Up

The spa chain provides services that are often marketed as opulent and self-care with a medical touch to give them more value and help consumers perceive them as a daily necessity. Prices mentioned are typical costs, which might change according to region. These might not always be correct, but they can offer you a decent idea of the range in which their costs often fall.

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