How Much Does an Oil Change cost?

Routine oil changes are crucial for your car to be healthy and last a long time. Oil is essential for lubricating the engine and maintaining its smooth operation. Over time, oil contamination can cause damage if left unattended. By performing routine oil changes, you can ensure that your engine receives the fresh oil it needs to run.

The type of oil, the service facility, and any other services provided will all be discussed in this article. These factors relate to the many elements determining the price of an oil change. We will also compare rates at dealerships and independent shops. Also, the average oil change costs for various types of oil. Additionally, we’ll offer advice on how to cut costs on oil changes. We’ll also give you a ballpark figure for the price of this crucial maintenance work.

Cost Factors

One of the key elements influencing the price of an oil change is the type of oil used. Synthetic oil costs more than conventional oil. However, it can give your engine superior protection and performance. High mileage oil is designed for cars with more than 75,000 miles on the clock and can cost more than regular oil.

Another element that may impact the price of an oil change is the location of the service. Dealerships charge more than independent stores. But they could also provide extra services and warranties. Independent stores could have more affordable costs. However, it’s crucial to check their reputation and make sure they use premium oil and filters.

The price of an oil change may also vary depending on the additional services provided. For instance, a typical oil change can come with a fresh oil filter. But adding services like a tire rotation or brake inspection can raise costs.

Finally, some auto repair shops or service providers run specials or discounts that can help bring down the price of an oil change. It is always worthwhile to keep an eye out for these offers and to act upon them when appropriate.

Average Oil Change Prices

According to a AAA poll, a normal oil change costs $40, whereas a synthetic oil change often costs $75. Prices, however, can differ based on the region and the kind of service provider.

Prices for oil changes can differ significantly depending on where you are. In New York City, for instance, an oil change typically costs $90 at a dealership. While independent shops charge only $45.  The cost of an oil change also varies according to where you live. Urban locations often have higher pricing than rural ones.

According to a RepairPal poll, the national average cost for an oil change at a dealership is $66. This is more pricey because an oil change in an independent shop costs only $46. While a synthetic oil change at a dealership costs $115 and $90 in independent shops.

To better understand what to expect, checking rates in your area is always essential. It’s important to keep in mind that these prices could change over time. These pice also differ based on the model of the car, location, and service provider.

How to Save Money on Oil Changes


Although it can be expensive, routine oil changes are crucial for maintaining the health and durability of your car. Here are some suggestions for reducing the cost of oil changes. But these tips don’t sacrifice the level of service:


Performing the oil change yourself can save money. You must have the appropriate tools, gear, and knowledge to complete the task effectively.

Buy your Oil and Filter

Buying your own oil and filter and carrying it with you can save money even if you take your car to a shop for an oil change. You can select the brand and type of oil that you desire in this manner.

Search for Specials and Discounts

Oil changes are frequently discounted and promoted by service providers. Keep an eye out for these offers, and take advantage of them when you can.

Compare Costs

Compare pricing at various service providers before making an oil change appointment. This can assist you in locating the best offers. Alos, it guarantees that you’re paying a reasonable price.

Keep Track of the Recommended Oil Change Intervals

To determine if your car requires an oil change, check the owner’s manual or speak with a professional. Following the suggested plan will help you avoid unnecessary oil changes and save money.

Consider a Service Package or Maintenance Plan

Many service providers provide maintenance plans or service packages that combine several services. This includes brake inspections, tire rotations, and oil changes. Long-term savings can be attained by using these packages.

By considering these possibilities, you can reduce the cost of oil changes. These can be done without compromising the regular maintenance your car needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some frequently asked questions about the cost of an oil change and other related topics:

How frequently should I replace my oil?

Depending on the make and model of your car, as well as your driving habits, the frequency of oil changes can alter. The vehicle’s suggested oil change intervals can be found in the owner’s manual. It can also be determined by speaking with a professional.

Can I drive my automobile with synthetic oil?

Your car’s make and model will determine this. If you want to know if synthetic oil is suggested or appropriate for your car, check the owner’s manual or speak to a mechanic.

Is an independent shop or a dealership preferable for getting an oil change?

The costs and services offered by independent businesses and dealerships may differ. However, they can deliver high-quality service. Evaluating the costs and quality of service offered by various providers makes sense. Also, get the greatest offers and ensure you’re paying a fair price.  

What is high-mileage oil?

High mileage oil is designed especially for cars with odometer readings of over 75,000 miles. Older engines may offer improved protection and performance.


Routine oil changes are crucial for your car to be healthy and last a long time. The type of oil used and the service’s location are only two variables that can affect how much an oil change costs. There are ways to reduce the cost of oil changes without sacrificing the standard of service. This includes DIY, buying your oil and filter, seeking deals, and considering a service package or maintenance plan. Keep track of your vehicle’s required oil change intervals. Also,  adhere to the suggested timetable for oil changes.

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