How Much Does A Passport Cost

A passport is one of the essential things you need if you are a traveler. It serves as your license to travel, containing your identity and providing you the right to protection in a foreign country. The government officially gives this to you for you to have the right to return to your home country after you visit a different one. However, if you don’t have a passport yet and are planning to travel, chances are that you are wondering how much does a passport cost. Concerns about your passport might fill your head, causing you to search for answers. Lucky for you, we have them today.

Factors that Affect the Cost of Passport

The application processing of passports requires you to provide an application fee and an acceptance fee. Moreover, some factors affect the value of your passport. Among these factors includes the type of passport you need. Take note that there are two types of passports: the passport card for domestic travel and the passport book for international travel. Passport cards cost less than passport books. 

Another factor to consider is your current age. The application forms and passports of adults aged 16 and over differ from minors under 16. The cost of passports for adults is more pricey than passports for minors. Lastly, the most important factor affecting a passport’s price is the time you want to receive it. If you want it rushed, you have to pay more. Also, additional fees might be expected for delivery fees and if you require a file search to have proof that you are a US citizen.

Difference Between a Visa and a Passport

Granting official permission for individuals to enter, stay or leave in a different country, visas are considered as endorsements that are put in passports. The most common are student visas, transit visas, work visas, and tourist visas. On the other hand, passports are used as identification to verify a person’s country and citizenship. It includes your name, photo, physical characteristics, gender, and birth date. The United States (US) passport is an official document issued by the US Department of State given to a US citizen or a US national. 

How To Apply For A Passport? 

First, you must know that you cannot submit your passport application online because you must apply personally with your important personal documents. However, you can download and fill out the application forms, which you can find on the website of Travel.State.Gov. The application process for a passport card and passport book is the same. The places you can apply depend on the time you want to travel. If you require emergency or urgent travel, you must make an appointment at a Regional Passport Agency. Meanwhile, if you need expedited or routine service travel, you should find any Passport Acceptance Facilities near you. If you are residing in a different country, look for a US embassy or consulate and follow their procedures regarding passport services. 

What Is The Appropriate Application Form For You?

What Is The Appropriate Application Form For You?

The DS-11 form is for first-time applicants, children under 16, and those who still need to meet the requirements for renewing their passports. For renewal applications, fill out the DS-82 form. On the other hand, use the form DS-5504 if you need to replace your passport with limited-validity issues or some data corrections. Keep in mind that the full validity period of passports for adults is 10 years, while for children under the age of 16 is five years. Furthermore, there are forms for special situations like DS-64 for lost or stolen passports, DS-3053 for guardians consenting to issue a passport to a child, DS-5525 for special family circumstances, and DS-86 for those who did not receive their passport.

Passport Fees 

There are two separate fees you are required to pay, and those are the application fee and the execution or acceptance fee. The former is paid directly to the Department of State, while the latter is given to the acceptance facility.

So, how much does a passport cost? The following details below are the costs you must pay depending on what type of passport you require and how quickly you need it.

For 16 Years and Older 

The application fee for first-time adults requesting a passport book is $130. Applying for a passport card costs $30. If you apply for both, it will cost you $160. All of these application requests have an execution fee of $35. In addition, if there are adults who have a passport book and currently need a passport card, the application fee is $30, and the execution fee is free.

For Adult Renewal Passports

There are no execution payments for renewing adult passports but only application fees. Adults must pay $130 for passport book renewal and $30 for renewing passport cards; requesting both will cost $160. 

For Minors Under 16

A passport book for minors requires a $100 application fee, while the passport card is $15. Applying for both will cost you $115. All of these application requests have an execution fee amounting to $35.

Other optional Fees

All the optional fees are directly paid to the US Department of State. These fees include $60 for an expedited fee, $19.53 for 1-2 day delivery, and $150 for a file search fee. The expedited fee is paid for every application, making the process faster than routine service. 1-2 day delivery is only for passport books for applicants within the United States. If applicants cannot prove their US citizenship, they must pay for a file search.

When Is It Considered As Emergency or Urgent Travel?

If you travel internationally within three business days or 72 hours, you must set a life-or-death emergency appointment. Make sure to provide evidence to qualify, so your request will be granted. For urgent international travel, you must schedule within 14 calendar days of your travel date. By doing so, you can travel within 5 weeks. You can make an appointment by calling 1-877-487-2778. 

What are Expedited and Routine Travel Services?

The expedited service process takes three to five weeks. You should choose this if you want to travel less than nine weeks from the date you applied. Otherwise, if you plan to travel over nine weeks from the date of your application, you should get routine. It takes six to nine weeks to process. You can apply for expedited and routine service at acceptance facilities or renew them by email. 

To Wrap Things Up

Passports are necessary before you travel, and you should take care of them. It holds your identity as a citizen of your beloved country. Make sure not to publicly share any private information written on it so that you can maintain your privacy. To own a passport, you need to personally apply first for it. The application for a passport can cost you a lot, especially when you add your possible expenses for your planned trip. You must have enough money to pay the application and execution fees before receiving your passport.

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