RuneScape Membership Cost

RuneScape is a popular massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) that takes you on a fantasy ride. Joining the game grants access to a tonne of new features and content for the players. If you play the game frequently, you might be curious about the cost of a membership.

RuneScape Membership Cost

Depending on how long the membership is purchased, you can choose from different membership plans. If you regularly engage in the game and want to have the ultimate experience on the game, you can get access to all of the premium materials with top-tier membership. Read on to find out how much a RuneScape membership costs!

What is the Cost of RuneScape Membership?

RuneScape offers three membership plans depending on how long you want to be a member of the platform. Below is the complete detail of all the membership plans along with their cost.

RuneScape 1-month Membership Cost

A monthly RuneScape membership costs $10.99. It grants you access to a variety of premium features, including new skills to level up, new quests to complete, and member-only minigames for a whole month.

RuneScape 3-month Membership Cost

If you don’t want to keep paying every month to play your favorite fantasy game, you can opt for a 3-month subscription. This plan is for those individuals who want to buy memberships in bulk to save money. A 3-month RuneScape membership will cost you $29.99, saving you around $3 in all.

RuneScape 6-month Subscription Cost

You will have to pay $59.99 for a 6-month subscription which will give you access to all premium features for half a year. You save 17% on this membership compared to the monthly pack.

RuneScape 12-Month Premium Membership Cost

Dedicated gamers may enhance their Runescape experience by taking advantage of the premium membership’s extra features. The “RuneScape Premier Club” is a premium membership that is offered in addition to the normal membership by the creator of RuneScape, Jagex. You get a slew of advantages, including special cosmetics, VIP world access, and bonus awards every month. To get access to all these goodies, you will have to shed $89.99 per year.

What Do You Get with Premium Membership Cost?

What Do You Get with Premium Membership Cost

Members who pay for a 12-month premium membership get several additional rewards compared to other membership packages. Some of these are as follows:

  1. You Get Monthly Rewards

With a 12-month premium membership, you get rewarded every month! You will get care packages every month that gives additional advantages to the game.

  1. Stalker Pet To Watch Out For You

You get a companion that will always be there will, so you are never alone on your quests. The companion will have an eye on you all the time.

  1. Vault Access to Grab the Ultimate Loot

You get access to the Premier Vault every month. This Distraction & Diversion will give you a chance to grab all the loot you can to get the best treasures.

  1. 100 Bank Spaces to Store Loot

With so much loot to grab from the vault, you need a space to store them away to use at the right time. You get 100 Bank Spaces to keep all your members-only loot safe to access whenever you want.

  1. Grab Extra Daily Key

You get one more Treasure Hunter key every day, along with your daily quota with a premium 12-month membership.

  1. Access Premier Artifact

Make your games more fun with a potent tool that grants each day one of four separate benefits! The Premier Artifact is there for this purpose.

  1. Enjoy 1 Month of Double Keys

You can now enjoy double Treasure Hunter Keys every day and get your hands on some exclusive hunts to show off in the game.

  1. Get Runemetrics Pro Discount

A Runemetrics tool lets you track the status of your account and help your progress. With the premier membership, you get a discount on this tool.

  1. Get Premier Pass

Every Yak Track Event’s Premier Track is accessible with the Premier Pass. You get it without paying any charge as one of the Premium members.

  1. Access VIP World

Premier members get access to exclusive VIP Worlds where they may practice their skills without any disturbance.

What are the Benefits of RuneScape Membership?

Members enjoy unlimited benefits on RuneScape. More material, flexibility, and ease of use are all available with a Runescape subscription. Below are some of the benefits you can reap by paying for a membership to the game.

  • The areas, quests, as well as a degree of skills, and special minigames are all fully accessible for members. Also, members can enjoy a variety of options for their characters’ equipment and clothes.
  • It is simpler to travel and explore the game when members have access to speedier transit options, including teleporting to various game locations.
  • In addition to being able to trade with other players, members may increase their gold earnings. enhancing the social and gameplay chances in-game.
  • With a greater variety of creatures to face off against and skills to acquire, a membership expands the complexity and variety of gameplay.
  • To improve the overall game experience, members also get access to extra mythology and tales.

How to Become a RuneScape Member without Paying?

If you are one of the free gamers looking to get a membership, you may now become a RuneScape member by acquiring and redeeming bonds. This basically enables users to pay for membership using in-game currency. Players or the great exchange are the two sources from which to buy bonds. You can only purchase one bond per offer at the big exchange.

A new offer can be made to purchase a different bond after one has already been purchased. Bonds need their own bank locations, and you cannot stack them in the bank. A player has 14 days to join after redeeming a bond. The complete game may be explored using this way. You can obtain a membership without having to pay real money, which is highly recommended for long-term or experienced free gamers.

Wrapping Up

RuneScape developers, Jagex, came up with membership plans to provide players with more access to all the features of the game.

By paying for the subscription for 1-month, 3-month, 6-month, or 12-month, you can stand a chance to experience next-level gaming in RuneScape’s fantasy world. In addition to all the benefits, members get exclusive access to all the latest additions.

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