Sport Clips Prices

Sport Clips is an unmatched choice for unique and focused cutting-edge male haircuts. The salon franchise has grown to be one of the biggest salon chains in North America. It offers a casual atmosphere and a fascinating sports-themed setting. Sport Clips’ distinctive features include trendy haircuts, energizing cleansers, warm steam towels, and neck and shoulder massages.

Sport Clips Prices

With over 1,500 salons operating in the United States, learning the prices for a specific Sport Clips salon is challenging. To help you figure out how much you will have to pay for the Sport Clips services, here’s everything you need to know.

Sport Clips Prices

Sport Clips offers a variety of grooming services for men, and the prices vary depending on what you choose. All the services, along with their prices, are discussed below. The prices mentioned are on average and may vary significantly depending on your location.

Sport Clips Haircut Prices

In all Sport Clips marketing and service menus, precision haircuts are referred to as varsity haircuts. These are for children, elders, and adults who may all use them. Most Sport Clips shops provide discounted Varsity haircuts for those over the age of 65 and kids. The customer’s natural hair patterns and textures are taken into consideration while designing the haircut.

Varsity Haircut Price for Kids

Children who are 12 and under or ten and under, depending on the region, can get the haircut for $15 on average.

Varsity Haircut Price

All adults and those over 12 and below 65 need to pay around $19 to receive the haircut.

Varsity Haircut Price for Seniors

Sport Clips offers a special discount for seniors over the age of 65. Seniors can get the varsity haircut for the same price as the kids, which is around $15 on average.

Sport Clips Packages

Sport Clips Packages

Sport Clips offers two packages which include a combination of the various services it provides. These are mentioned in detail below.

Sport Clips Triple Play Experience Prices

A haircut, heated towel treatment, and shampoo with scalp massage are all included in the Triple Play package. This soothing procedure will make you feel pampered and revived. The price for the package is $30. For an additional $5 or $10, you may extend the duration of the wash scalp massage and steamed towel treatment by two or three times.

Sport Clips MVP Prices

The MVP package comes with a haircut, a neck and shoulder massage, a leave-in conditioner, a wash scalp massage, and a steamed towel treatment. The price for the MVP package is $32. For $5, you may extend the neck and shoulder massage, scalp, and heated towel treatments by twice as long. For $10 additional, the length may be tripled.

Sport Clips All-Star Treatment Price

You can get the All-Star Treatment if you don’t need a haircut but still want to have other services. Everything offered by the MVP package is offered by the All-Star Treatment. However, the haircut is not included. It typically costs $8 in most locations.

Sport Clips Extra Services

Other than the above services, Sport Clips offers extra services like grooming and trimming. Below are the details of these services.


At Sport Clips, you can get cheap beards, bangs, or neck trims. Most establishments charge $5 for bang trims and $5 for beard detailing without a shave. Beard detailing can be added to a haircut or haircut package, or it can be ordered separately from other treatments.

Neck Trims

Customers at Sport Clips may get complimentary neck trims in between haircuts. Therefore, you may swing by, and the stylist will trim your neck for free if you notice it starting to grow a bit unruly before you’re due for another cut.

What You Get with Triple Play and MVP Packages

You get the following services with your Triple Play or MVP packages.

Shampoo Massaging Shampoo

It is a stimulating massage using tea tree shampoo. You will feel calm and spotless by the end of the treatment. Your hairdresser will use a leave-in conditioner after shampooing to help seal in moisture and leave your hair feeling incredibly smooth.

Steamed Hot Towel Treatment

Tea tree oil is incorporated into a hot, wet towel. It is gently wrapped around your face and neck to provide the legendary steamed hot towel treatment. Your skin will be softened by the steam, and it also enhances circulation.

Neck and Shoulder Massage

You get treatment for your neck and shoulders with a handheld massager. Sport Clips stylists are trained to use these tools to relieve stress in your shoulders and neck. It is available in almost all locations. However, Utah, Idaho, Massachusetts, Washington, Oregon, and Washington do not offer this treatment.

Precision Haircut

The standard haircut at Sport Clips has been improved with a precision cut. Individual consultation is included, after which one of their very skilled stylists will cut and style your hair.

Sport Clips Online Check-Ins and Discounts

Nowadays, the majority of Sport Clips salons provide online check-in using their website or mobile app. Before entering the salon, clients may choose their stylist and service in advance and add their names to the waiting list.

Customers may utilize the feature by going to the Sport Clips website or mobile app, selecting their preferred location, and then adhering to the on-screen instructions to select their stylist and desired service.

They will be added to a waiting list when they check-in, and they will be notified when it is their turn. Depending on the number of stylists available and the number of clients in need of their services, you may have to wait for a little at the salon.

You may get additional discounts through promotional codes and coupons during the sale season via the app. You can also sign up for the e-mail subscription to learn and avail of the offers.

Winding Up

Sport Clips offers walk-ins if you don’t want to download the app or check-in through the website. You don’t need to schedule an appointment for this. The brand may nearly solely appeals to males; women frequently visit Sport Clips to get their hair trimmed. Sport Clips stylists are trained to cut any hairdo and texture, even though the majority of their haircuts are made for boys and men.

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