Take 5 Oil Change Prices

Take 5 offers economical and speedily finished oil changes which makes it a popular choice. The pricing is fair, and every location of Take 5 tries to replace your vehicle’s oil in under five to ten minutes. Due to the ease of the quick service, consumers continue to go to the locations and pay the Take 5 oil change costs.

Take 5 Oil Change Prices

The kind of oil used for the change and the mileage of the car affect Take 5 pricing. In this article, you will learn all about the Take 5 oil change prices and the ways to get a discount on your bill.

How Much Do Take 5 Oil Changes Cost?

Take 5 oil change price depends on the type of oil you choose for your vehicle. They offer different options, as mentioned below. The mentioned car prices assume a vehicle using five gallons of oil.

The cost of a Take 5 oil change will increase if the technician determines that your vehicle will require more than five quarts, and you will have to pay $5.97 for each extra quart required. After the oil change, the technician will swiftly check your tires, windscreen wipers, and air filter free of charge.

Conventional Oil

The least expensive oil is conventional. This lubricant is created exclusively using crude oil. If your vehicle has less than 75,000 miles on it, you can go for conventional oil. However, they have the potential to produce sludge, which can decrease your engine’s performance and, eventually, its life. The price for this type of oil change at Take 5 is $41.93 per five quarts.

Synthetic Blend

This oil is a blend of natural and synthetic oils. Although it is more expensive than complete synthetic oil, this oil is still less expensive than traditional oil. It is a blend of conventional and synthetic oil, combining the properties of both. The price for a synthetic blend oil change is $7.97 per five quarts.

High Mileage Oil

The priciest type of oil is synthetic, also known as high mileage oil. It is constructed from various materials and products with a petroleum base. By preventing excessive temperatures and regulating oil breakdown, it delivers good engine performance and protection. You may replace your oil less regularly since the molecules in this oil don’t degrade as rapidly as those in standard oil. The price for a high-mileage oil change is $6.97 per five quarts.

Apart from these three oil changes, Take 5 also offers Edge oil change and Mobil 1. The Edge oil change price per five quarts is $8.97. You can get Mobil 1 for $9.97 per five quarts.

How to Get Take 5 Oil Changes at A Cheaper Price?

How to Get Take 5 Oil Changes at A Cheaper Price

Tak5 renders the best value for money by establishing high standards for service, catering to client needs, and offering the finest opportunities for staff training and development. Take 5 offers several ways to reduce the cost of oil changes for its customers.


For the simple reason that an oil change may also be inexpensive, they constantly have coupons available. To obtain your coupon code, just opt-in to email or text marketing notifications. When you visit any of their stores, be sure to provide the barcode.

You can keep getting the greatest oil change for your car with their coupons, as they are good for a range of oils, including Shell Rotella and Mobil 1. Since Take 5 is the origin of the remain in your car, 10-minute oil change, they always strive to offer fantastic value for your rapid oil change.

You can get $5 off on economy oil changes and $7 off on premium oil changes with the Take 5 coupons. They also offer 15% off on rideshare drivers and 25% off for veterans and the military.

Fleet Program

If you own a business with numerous vehicles, you can take advantage of this program. By signing up for this program, you can save a large sum on oil changes annually. No matter the size, they provide a monthly billed account to every fleet customer.

Additionally, they provide the chance to accrue savings on particular services and goods, such as wiper blades and air filters, to each account. Moreover, they provide controls for fleet accounts so that your drivers may only choose the services and goods that your company has allowed.

Take 5 offers 10% to 25% or more on oil changes and ancillary products, depending on the number of vehicles you bring. If you visit any of the Take 5 locations during Fleet Power Hours, you may enjoy an additional 5% off on the services.

Partner Perks Program

The Partner Perks program, created for organizations of any size, is an excellent employee perk. It is also a chance to experience the quick, pleasant service of Take 5 at a low price for your whole business.

By enrolling in the program, you receive a discount every time you replace your oil. It can help boost a company’s or organization’s culture’s ability to engage its workforce. You don’t need to pay any cost to register or use the program.

Any oil change is $5 cheaper with the Partner Perks discount. In addition, you get premium oil changes which include high mileage, or fully synthetic oils are $10 off. What’s more, the membership and savings you receive with Partner Perks never expire.

Types of Oil Used At Take 5

Here are the different types of oil that Take 5 uses for oil changes.

Mobil 1

Mobil 1 performs well even under extreme circumstances. Their oil has been developed and tested to provide the engine in your car with the best possible performance and protection. Modern full synthetic motor oils like Mobil 1TM are made to provide cleaning power, superior wear protection, and overall performance to keep your engine running like new.


For today’s automobiles, SUVs, light trucks, and vans, DuraMAX Full Synthetic, Synthetic Blend, and High Mileage, Motor Oils deliver excellent performance. These lubricants were created expressly to save fuel consumption, support clean engines, and increase engine longevity.


With a combination of synthetic and traditional base oils, Drydene DIESELALL® FLEET is a superior quality heavy-duty engine oil. It is designed to safeguard and increase the lifespan of contemporary four-stroke diesel engines. The hard-working diesel engines that power today’s vehicles must adhere to strict low emissions and higher fuel efficiency criteria.

Winding Up

An oil change at Take 5 also involves checking and topping off the under-hood fluids and replacing the oil and filter. Take 5 Oil Change charges fair costs for these services, given the high caliber of work you will receive in return.

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