Trane AC Unit Cost 2023

A home’s heating and cooling system is a complicated one that has to be installed and maintained by someone with specific knowledge. Trane has got a reputation as one of the most dependable manufacturers of central air conditioners. The company is the industry leader in heating, cooling, and humidity control. The Trane AC Unit cost can vary depending on the model you choose and where you buy it from, read on to find out more.

Trane AC Unit Cost

Together with replacement furnaces, central air conditioning systems, and multi-split AC units, they provide consumers with a variety of cooling and heating equipment choices. As a reputable brand and high-end air conditioning provider, you can expect the prices to be high. To help you get a rough estimate of the prices, read this comprehensive article on the cost of a Trane AC unit.

How Much Does a Trane AC Unit Cost?

The starting price for a replacement Trane air conditioner and installation is $5,400 on average. The price is influenced by a variety of factors, including your location’s temperature, your home’s design, and product characteristics, depending on your heating and cooling requirements. Due to this reason, the pricing of each of the ac units varies.

A Trane HVAC system might survive more than ten years, despite the initially expensive expenses. Your system could potentially end up saving you money in the long run, thanks to its energy-saving capabilities. Local rebates, exclusive financing or leasing deals, and tax credits can all help you save money on a new system.

Here’s the list of the air conditioner price you can expect from Trane. All the prices are for estimates only. To get the actual cost of the unit, you can contact the nearest dealer and get the best price for your chosen air conditioner.

XL17i Air Conditioner Cost

The XL17i model has a noise level of 72 to 74 decibels. It also gives you 45% energy savings and has an efficiency rating of up to 17.2 SEER2. The cost of this unit can range between $8,400 and $12,800 on average.

XR15 Air Conditioner Cost

The noise level of this air conditioner is 71 to 74 decibels. With a 39% energy savings, the efficiency rating for this unit is 15.6 SEER2. You can expect to pay anywhere between $6,800 to $10,800 on average for this unit.

XR14 Air Conditioner Cost

This unit has a noise level of 72 to 73 decibels. This one has the least energy savings of 36%, with an efficiency rating of 14.8 SEER2. The price of this unit can range anywhere between $ 5,400 to $8,400 on average.

What do You Get Along with the Air Conditioner Cost?

Along with the air conditioner unit, you also get several accessories, including a condenser pad, coil, thermostat, whip, and electrical disconnect. Moreover, you get the following services with the ac unit.

  • The company will install a new line set or flush the current refrigerant line set.
  • The team will tidy up after the installation is complete.
  • They will also take out the old system and discard it.
  • The company will help establish a new system by all applicable laws and rules.
  • The team will reattach the unit to the current ductwork.

Cost of Other Products Offered By Trane

Cost of Other Products Offered By Trane

In addition to air conditioners, Trane also sells other HVAC products. The price of these is detailed below.

XV80 Gas 80% Furnace Cost

This furnace runs at 2 stages of output to provide you with the desired temperature. The unit uses gas as its fuel with up to 80% AFUE efficiency rating. The price for this unit range between $4,000 to $6,500 on average.

S9X1 80% Furnace Cost

This device uses gas fuel and only needs one stage to attain the ideal temperature. This appliance has an AFUE efficiency rating of up to 80%. On average, you can expect to pay $4,000 to $6,500 for this furnace.

S8B1 80% Furnace Cost

This unit takes just one stage to reach the optimal temperature and uses gas fuel. The efficiency rating for this unit is up to 80% AFUE. The average cost of this furnace ranges between $3,000 to $4,800.

S9V2 90% Furnace Cost

This furnace is capable of connecting to devices and features ComfortLinkTM II communication. The unit runs in two stages, and to get the best results, you can modify the unit using the linked devices. The appliance qualifies for the energy star program and has an efficiency rating of up to 96% AFUE. The cost of this unit range between $5,500 to $8,500 on average.

S9X2 90% Furnace Cost

This unit has ComfortLinkTM II Communication and is compatible to connect with devices. You can adjust the unit using the connected devices to achieve optimum results. The unit has an efficiency rating of up to 96% AFUE and is energy star qualified. It runs in 2 levels of output. The average price of this furnace can range from $4,800 to $7,600.

S9B1 90% Furnace Cost

This energy star-qualified unit that uses gas fuel has an efficiency rating of up to 92.1%. You can expect to pay anywhere between $4,000 to $6,200 for this furnace on average.

XL17i Heat Pump

This unit takes two stages to reach the optimal temperature. The noise level is 72 to 74 decibels with an efficiency rating of up to 17.2 SEER2 and 8.1 HSPF2. You get 45% energy savings with this unit. The price you will pay for this unit ranges between $8,800 to $12,400 on average.

XR15 Heat Pump

This unit has an energy savings of 39% with an efficiency rating of up to 17 SEER and 9.6 HSPF. The unit runs just one level to reach optimal temperature with a noise level of 70 to 75 decibels. The average price range you can expect to pay for this unit ranges between $6,800 to $9,200.

XR14 Heat Pump

The efficiency rating of this unit is up to 14.8 SEER2 and 7.8 HSPF22, with a noise level of 71 to 76 decibels. You get 36% energy savings with this unit which runs in just one stage. The cost of this heat pump can range between $5,400 to $7,400.

Winding Up

The pricing you get for the units includes both the installation fee and the cost of the device. You can make an appointment for an in-home assessment with a nearby dealer to receive a personalized price. To provide you with an estimate for a system that meets your needs, your dealer will examine your present setup.

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