Valvoline Prices

When it comes to servicing your car, you want to get it done by a professional automotive service brand. With over 1500 locations all across the U.S., Valvoline is one of the go-to options for many vehicle owners. They offer a wide range of services, including oil changes, 18-point safety checks, battery replacement, transmission service, serpentine belt replacement, and much more.

Valvoline Prices

Since there are so many centers, finding out about the prices for their services could be hard. This article discusses the expected cost of the services to help you figure out Valvoline costs. What’s more, they offer coupons so that you can have the best maintenance services for your vehicles at an affordable price. Read on to find out all the details about Valvoline prices!

Valvoline Oil Change Prices

Valvoline Oil Change Prices

Oil changes are essential parts of your vehicle servicing that help keep it running at its best and provide peak performance. Valvoline offers stay-in-your-car oil changes of the highest quality. You can even see the work of highly skilled and trained mechanics doing their job while you are relaxing in your car.

Moreover, you get 18 vehicle safety checks along with your oil change free of cost. They offer various kinds of oil changes, and the prices vary accordingly. Here are the complete details regarding them.

Valvoline Everyday Protection Conventional Oil Price

It is the cheapest oil change that Valvoline offers. This oil change is suitable for aging engines due to its slower flow. Older engines with less than 75,000 miles can get better lubrication compared to synthetic oils. Moreover, it is a cost-effective option for your vehicle. The price for a conventional oil change at Valvoline is $42 on average for 5-quartz.

Valvoline Maxlife Synthetic Blend Oil Change Price

The synthetic blend motor oil is another affordable option for oil changes. If you use your vehicle for heavy-duty tasks or run it during extreme temperatures, this is a better choice. The price for a synthetic blend oil change at Valvoline may cost you around $63 per 5-quartz.

Valvoline Ultimate Protection Full Synthetic Oil Price

Full synthetic oil is the best option if you want to have a lasting effect and reduce the number of oil changes. It prevents the build-up of sludge and keeps your engine cleaner for longer. Moreover, as it has fewer impurities compared to other oils, your engine will perform better. It also helps enhance its longevity. Valvoline charges around $85 for the full synthetic oil change for 5-quartz.

Valvoline Heavy-Duty Diesel Motor Oil Price

Diesel trucks and heavy-duty vehicles are best suitable for this type of oil change. The best features of this oil are improved power and longevity, increased horsepower, and torque. It does all this while consuming less gasoline. However, the probability of oil contamination increases when diesel engines run at greater temperatures. So, you need to regularly replace your heavy-duty diesel engine‘s oil to ensure good performance and reduce the likelihood of early failure. The price of a heavy-duty oil change at Valvoline is $67 per 5 quartz on average.

Valvoline Battery Replacement Price

The company promises to get this service done within 10 minutes without you having to step out of the car. This service ensures that your battery runs at the top of its performance. You can expect to pay around $135 for battery replacement at Valvoline.

Valvoline Serpentine Belt Replacement Price

The power steering, water pump, alternator, and air conditioning systems in your car are all powered by the serpentine belt. To increase efficiency and assist you in avoiding unplanned failures, the service involves replacing your serpentine belt. The serpentine belt replacement at Valvoline can cost $112 on average.

Valvoline Broken Lights Replacement Price

Replacement services for headlights and taillights can help increase visibility on the road. For replacing broken lights, you can expect to pay around $13.

Valvoline Wiper Blade Replacement Price

Streaks, chattering, or damaged edges are typical indications of wear. Wiper blade replacement enhances visibility, thereby increasing safety. The wiper blade replacement may cost you $15 on average at Valvoline.

Valvoline Tire Rotation Price

Rotating your tires regularly can help you get the most out of their lifespan, lengthen their tread life, encourage even wear, and enhance the ride and handling of your vehicle. The cost of a tire rotation at Valvoline can be around $30.

Valvoline Differential Service Price

The transmission sends power to the wheels using differentials. The thermally stable services assist in eliminating deposits while acting to prevent new accumulation. It promotes appropriate gear lubrication. You can expect around $67 for differential service at Valvoline.

Valvoline Radiator Service Price

The chance of cooling system or radiator failure and costly repairs will be reduced if you replace the antifreeze fluids as instructed by your vehicle’s manufacturer. The radiator service price at Valvoline is about $125.

Valvoline Transmission Service Price

By decreasing wear on transmission gears and components and lowering the chance of transmission failure, replacing transmission fluids can help your car move smoothly. The price for transmission service at Valvoline can range between $112 and $170 on average.

Valvoline Fuel System Cleaning Price

This service includes fuel system cleaning as well as fuel injection services. The accumulation of dirt in the fuel system can hinder performance due to blockages. The fuel system cleaning services enhance the rough idling and acceleration of your vehicle. The experts at Valvoline use advanced detergents to clean and remove the deposits, helping restore the power of your vehicle. The price for a fuel system cleaning at Valvoline is around $90.

Valvoline Air Conditioning Price

The experts measure the amount of the A/C fluid in your car during the A/C recharge service, and it is then topped off to the right level. The first step in maintaining your A/C system is to perform this service. Condenser and compressor failure is reduced thanks to this servicing. Valvoline charges $35 for air conditioning check-ups and $157 for air conditioning repairs and maintenance on average.

How To Get Discount Prices for Valvoline Prices?

Valvoline offers top-notch services; however, the prices may seem a bit expensive. To ease the cost of vehicle maintenance, the company offers coupons for their dedicated customers. The coupons can get you anywhere between a $5 and $7 reduction from your total prices.

You may even get higher discounts as the company releases these coupons for a fixed period and changes them routinely. So, keep checking their website to get the inside deals firsthand and lower your vehicle maintenance charges effectively.

Winding Up

All prices mentioned are on average, and the exact price may vary. You can contact the company directly to get more details regarding the exact price of the services depending on your location.

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