How Much Do Vampire Teeth / Fang Implants Cost?

Fang implants are typically used for cosmetic reasons and involve fitting artificial fangs over the original teeth, which can be either permanent or removable. People interested in unique body modifications often opt for this procedure to achieve a permanent fang-like appearance, similar to the plastic ones used during Halloween. Despite the availability of cheap plastic vampire teeth, people are willing to pay a significant amount to obtain permanent fang implants. Here, we will tackle its cost depending on several factors.

The Purpose

Fang implants are primarily used for cosmetic purposes and are not intended to be strong or sharp enough to penetrate the skin. While removable options are available, most fang implants are permanent and are similar to a tooth cap. Before undergoing this procedure, it’s important to carefully consider whether it’s worth the cost and effort and the potential consequences. If you decide to go through with it, it’s crucial to conduct thorough research beforehand.

The Size

Vampire fang implants come in different lengths; the smaller they are, the less they affect your speech. The cost of the implant varies based on different factors such as the type of implant, the expertise of the person who will insert it, and the location where it will be done. You can arrange a payment plan with a cosmetic dentist. However, since dental insurance categories vampire fang implants as cosmetic, it won’t cover any of the cost. So, don’t expect insurance to pay for it.

The Different Types

There are various types of vampire fang implants, ranging from more casual to serious options. Slip-on fangs are the most popular and can be easily removed when desired. These ready-made fangs, composed of dental acrylics, are altered to fit your mouth through drilling. Alternatively, a more permanent version of the vampire fang implant requires a cosmetic dentist to fit them, utilizing a procedure similar to that for a cap. It involves filing down the original tooth to a thin line so the cap can be placed over it. These fangs cannot be taken out unless they are fitted like a bridge to a wire apparatus that slips into your mouth, which is a painful and costly commitment.

What To Consider?

If you plan on getting vampire fang implants, several significant factors must be considered. It is essential to recognize that these implants are not intended to be sharp enough to penetrate human skin and are purely for cosmetic purposes. As a result, this procedure is not typically covered by health insurance. 

Before the procedure, a dentist will evaluate your dental health to determine if you are a suitable candidate based on factors such as sufficient jaw bone and healthy teeth. Individuals with decayed teeth or other complex dental issues may struggle to find a dentist willing to perform the procedure. It’s worth noting that people who have received permanent fang implants have reported difficulties eating or speaking in the immediate aftermath of the surgery, with some experiencing malocclusion or sores around the implant area as common side effects.

The Side Effects

In addition to emotional effects, physical problems can arise from dramatically changing the shape of your teeth. It can negatively impact your speech and pronunciation. Some people with permanent vampire teeth may develop overbites, leading to jaw pain, severe headaches, difficulty opening or closing the mouth, sleep apnea, and other issues.

The biggest problem with custom vampire teeth is that they can cause discomfort in the mouth, as our mouths are not naturally designed to accommodate long, sharp canine teeth. This discomfort can lead to sores in the mouth, for which pain medication and antibiotics may be prescribed.

Ways To Get Vampire Fang Implants

There are three ways to get vampire fang implants: caps, permanent, or slip-on. Slip-on fangs are the most popular and can be removed easily. Permanent fangs are more durable but require a dentist to insert them with a drill under local anesthesia. Caps require polishing the tooth and can be customized or made from synthetic materials. They can also be removed. It’s important to avoid getting too large fangs, as they may cause issues while eating or talking.

The Cost Of Vampire Fang Implants

The cost of vampire fang implants depends on the type of implant and the location where the procedure is performed. For synthetic, removable fangs, each one can cost around $100. For a permanent set, cosmetic dentists may charge between $800 and $2,500 for two fangs by filing down the teeth and placing a permanent cap over them. The most expensive option is custom-made caps, which cost between $2,000 and $5,000. These caps can be removed and often look better than the permanent solution. In contrast, cheap fake vampire teeth for Halloween costumes can cost less than $10.

Tips To Save Money

You may get a discount when getting real vampire teeth from plastic surgeons, dental experts, or cosmetic dentistry clinics if you pay in cash. It’s better to choose cheaper options like slip-on teeth because they cost less, look like real vampire teeth, and can be removed if you don’t like them. You can also discuss payment plans with your dentist if you can only pay part of the price upfront.

The Bottom Line

Fang implants are usually obtained purely for aesthetic reasons, as they do not offer additional benefits. These implants can be either permanent or removable and are typically fitted over the original teeth to create a fang-like appearance.

Overall, wearing vampire fangs is typically problem-free. However, some potential issues can arise from wearing them. For instance, if the fangs are made of a hard material, biting down too hard while wearing them can cause chipped teeth. Additionally, if you have loose teeth, wearing fangs can exacerbate the issue and make them even looser.

It’s important to have healthy teeth and avoid them if you have gum disease or tooth decay, to get dental implants. The ideal dental implant candidates have healthy jaw bones and no diseases. Additionally, it takes time to adjust to speaking and eating with the implants. While it’s possible to do so, it requires effort and practice.

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