Walmart Oil Change Cost

Changing the oil is one of the most frequent auto maintenance tasks. And one of the most convenient places to get it done is Walmart. You may easily find an auto service center at your neighborhood Walmart. It is unquestionably one of the biggest oil retailers as well. Many customers appreciate how convenient it is to complete both their shopping and auto maintenance in one location.

Walmart oil change cost

The business has the necessary resources at its disposal to do any auto repair work. So, if you are wondering how much the oil change cost at Walmart, stay tuned to find it out!

How Much Does An Oil Change Cost in Walmart?

The type of oil change you choose for your vehicle and location will determine the cost of an oil change at Walmart. In addition, if you bring your oil or are using a different type of oil than what is offered, the costs may also change.

Different Types of Oil Changes and Prices at Walmart

Walmart offers five major types of oil changes to its customers. Below are the details of all the types of oil changes and their prices offered at Walmart.

Pit Crew

Pit Crew involves greasing the chassis, replacing the oil filter, and adding up to five quarts of Super Tech oil. It contains 5 gallons of the state-recommended Quaker, which is designed with an “advance durability” function to cut down on the number of trips to the mechanic. Additionally, there is a traditional oil motor available, as well as access to a new oil filter and a chassis lubricator.

Monitoring the battery’s functioning and testing, and setting the tire pressure to the proper pressure level, are all included in this specific oil change. Walmart’s current price for a Pit Crew oil change is $22.88.

Standard Oil Change

As part of the oil replacement service, it includes free lubrication and the installation of a new oil filter. Five quarts of regular oil are added during this oil refill service. Along with replacing the oil, a new oil filter and, in a select few instances, a chassis lubricant are also installed in the vehicle.

The servicing adheres to industry requirements and provides minimal engine protection. The price of this service is $32.88.

Synthetic Oil Change

Special additives are used in a synthetic oil change for maximum performance. The engine is best protected with this servicing. The automobile owner is anticipated to receive 5 quarts of synthetic motor oil with this auto oil replacement solution.

This package includes other features, such as a brand-new oil filter and a chassis lubricator. As sports cars and other high-end vehicles need full-synthetic oil to function as expected, it is highly suitable for them. The price of this oil change is $46.88.

High Mileage Oil

Any car with more than 75,000 miles on it has to have its oil frequently changed to stay in working order. According to your preferences, it allows for the availability of either 5 quarts of high mileage oil or semi-synthetic oil.

A replacement oil filter and a chassis lubricator are also part of this oil replacement service. It aids in the engine of your automobile lasting longer. Leaks and burn-offs are protected against by the oil. The price of a high-mileage oil change is $42.88.

Semi-Synthetic Oil Change

Your car’s shifting is smoother, and its sheer stability is better, thanks to semi-synthetic oil changes. It also prolongs the life of the engine and gearbox. This oil change service makes wet clutch applications more secure.

The semi-synthetic oil used for the service offers more than the manufacturer’s guarantee. Moreover, compared to conventional oil, it offers more protection. It also complies with Dexos and new vehicle requirements. The price of a semi-synthetic oil change at Walmart is $42.88.

How is Walmart Able to Offer Oil Changes at Affordable Prices?

How is Walmart Able to Offer Oil Changes at Affordable Prices

The price of oil changes at Walmart is quite reasonable. Since it is accessible and reasonably priced, Walmart is a fantastic alternative for getting your oil changed. Walmart offers some of the most economical oil changes on the market, with rates starting at only $22.88. Around 2,500 Walmart Vehicle Care Centers offer dependable servicing and use licensed auto mechanics to ensure high standards.

Here are reasons why Walmart can offer oil changes at cheap rates.

  • Walmart pays far less for its oil than its rivals since it purchases it straight from sources. They may provide reduced rates to their clients by doing this, passing the savings along to them.
  • The work is completed as quickly as possible at Walmart. Therefore, if you can get your automobile done fast and at a lower price, you don’t have to pay for the extra time they take to complete the work.
  • The technicians that assist you at the vehicle repair facilities are merely Walmart staff members. They have been trained to provide the services to the retailer’s clients. The services are less expensive since they are paid less than a skilled technician.

What Are The Signs Your Vehicle Needs An Oil Change?

Your auto may show tell-tale signs that it’s time for an oil change. Getting an oil change at the right time can make your vehicle work smoother for a prolonged period. Below are some of them that you should look out for to determine when you need to change the oil.

  • Your vehicle shows high mileage. There is a certain limit of mileage, after which you must get an oil change. It varies depending on the vehicle.
  • The emission of exhaust smoke is a clear sign that your vehicle needs an oil change.
  • The engine sound is too distracting. It indicates that there is no more oil lubricant to prevent the clinking of components.
  • The “check engine” light on your information display is an indication that you should replace the oil since the oil in your car might not be in excellent shape.
  • You will feel unusual vibrations when it’s time to replace the oil, especially when the car is idle.
  • If the oil in your vehicle looks dark and dirty, you need an immediate oil change. Clean oil is transparent and has an amber hue. As it gets filled up with engine exhaust particles, it turns darker and looks dirty.

Wrapping Up

Walmart offers efficient auto maintenance services, including oil changes. The cost will depend on the type of oil change. Their staff is entirely qualified. It increases the likelihood that the automobiles brought to their auto repair shops will depart working as efficiently as if they were brand new.

You can have your oil changed at Walmart without making an appointment. Since they operate on a first-come, first-served basis, you are welcome to bring your car at any time.

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